Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our life in a nutshell

Wow it's been a week since I last posted. I guess it couldn't be because we have nothing going on here. 1) Abigail is recovering nicely. She is now on her breather PRN, her Claritan in the am, and her Singulair in the pm. This seems to be keeping everything at bay. She has been outside paying and done fine. 2) I am recovering fine. The surgery went well except for the fact I was dehydrated when we started from sitting a the hospital for 3 days with Abigail. I am on a 8lb weight restriction for another 8 weeks. GRRRRRR I can't stand it. 3) We are still packing because we need to be out by Tuesday am. It's so hard on DH because I can't lift a thing and he's doing it all. I have been packing and leaving the box, but that is so annoying having the boxes just sit. Cleaning is also a struggle because of the reaching and pulling. But that too is getting done. 4) Abigail is doing OK in Dance class. She missed last week because of the hospital stint but went this week. Her Aunt Barbie took her because my truck is in the shop. 5) The truck is in the shop to the tune of $4,000.00 of damage from when I backed over a tiny little car I could not see because he was 2 inches from my bumper. The police ruled it not my fault, the guy was to close at the stop. But needless to say, I have no vehicle for a couple days. I had no idea to rent a van or truck is about $68.00 a day. That was the cheapest I could find. If I get anything smaller, Genevieve gets car sick from sitting to low. Not worth it to me. 6) Ok I feel better now that I have vented. Have a great day. BTW less than a month until Vacation

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Autumn Moon Festival

Genevieve struggles sometimes with sensory stuff. She had been such a trooper up to this point, but she was done. She hadn't seen her Mommy in a couple days, her sister was in the hospital, she was staying at her best friends house but still out of the norm and she was tired. That was all she needed to just sob until she vomitted. I was totally stunned. Mostly from exhaustion but stunned to say the least. Thank Goodness for mommies. Two other mommies stepped up and took over because at that point I was done. I couldn't handle anything else. After she slept on 3 different Mommies for a spell of about 2 hours she was fine. Our Girl Chloe - What a beautiful little face. Her bust Bud Drisella of Course. I have such cute pics of these two at different festivals. Is that the sweetest face you have ever seen or what. That little picklehead is such a clown. She is what my Ma used to "Good for the Soul" Our newest friends. Aren't they beautiful Our Dear friends Dave and Brenda. Sometimes I wonder how i would get through life without them. How blessed I am for them to be a part of my life. I use the term friends but in reality it's more like family. That's what the Moon Festival is about - Family Craft Time at the restaurant while the parents all gabbed. The girls made Lanterns and coloed pics of toys with the Chinese Caharacter on them.

Abigail Ambulance Ride Pics

This is Abigail Saturday night at the hospital. Here we wait and see to try and figure out why she is in respiratory distress. No one could figure out why so the decision was made to admit her. The hospital we went to no longer has a peds admit wing so we needed to take the ambulance to their partner hospital in South Bend. Abigail had the nicest ambulance driver. He took really good care of her and kept her airways open the whole trip. She got a kick out of the thought of riding in it. She was also very clear that the cars had to get out of the way because that's the rules. She was released on Tuesday morning (just in time for me to check into the other hospital for my surgery) with a diagnosis of allergies. The allergies hit her so hard it puts her into respiratory distress. her butt is too little and dehydrates so easily. This is the last thing she needed. This is how we now spend every 6 hours for a while. This and all the meds. She is on 2 steroids, 2 allergy meds and 1 inhalator. I guess she needs a little extra TLC right now.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I wish I could post the pictures on the camera but I don't have my cord at the Hospital. I guess I should be glad I could access the Internet. We have been in the hospital with Abigail since Sat. She started getting shortness of breath and refusing to eat and dring. RED FLAG RED FLAG, time for dehydration so off to ER we went. They still have no real diagnosis. The guess-timation right now is allergies. They are settling in to her chest. She is on 2 steroids, 2 allergens and 1 more I can't think of right at the moment. I have had minimal sleep with all the juggling and sleeping in a twin bed with her and all her wires. Our goal is to keep her oxygen saturation at 84 or above for 24 hours. Wow that feels like impossible, but we are getting there. Along with tending to her, there are still all the arrangements to be made for Genevieve, the sale of our house the purchasing of the new house and my surgery. So to say the least I feel a little nutso at the moment. Sunday Genevieve and I went to dinner with some other families to celebrate Moon Festival at our favorite haunt while Daddy stayed at the hospital with Abigail. That in itself was a story I will tell later when the pics are loaded so you can get the full effect. BTW - HAPPY AUTUMN MOON FESTIVAL TO EVERYONE As we set right now, it looks like she may be able to go home tomorrow and I will have surgery. So many prayers, we can use all the help we can get right now. Also I need to send HUGE HUGE Thanks out to Donna, Kate, Karen, Wendy and everyone else who knew I could not keep up. They stepped up called me and jumped right in to help. I was going 20 directions at any given second and couldn't take the time to breath let alone call people and say HELP.

In china Now

Our friend Nikki is in China right now bringing her darling home. We can't wait to meet Aubrey. Nikki will be living about 5 minutes from the house we just bought in Granger. We are so excited.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Momma's been sewing again

This is for our girls Sarah in NC. We are packing it along to take to her when we all meet up in Oct at Disney World. This is Genevieve's dress from the same pattern, just a different fabric. You know butterflies are her thing. Genevieve wants to be Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior for Halloween. I got part of the costume done. Now I just need to make the pants and order her shoes. She LOVES that movie.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Playing in the Rain

What a life to be a child and not have a care in the world, but how high you can jump in the biggest puddle you can find. It's these moments that my heart is so full of love I could just bust. God is Good.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

As usual Life is a whirlwind

To make a Very long entangled story short after lots of stress and tears, we have found a house. Not before I was put in my place by our Almighy to remind me that I'm not in charge, he is. No matter how much I want to believe it's me controlling my life it's not, and God will put things in place that he knows are best for us and in his time not ours. It's an REO (Bank Repo) that was in the middle of a total renovation. So as of right now there is no kitchen and only partial other rooms are completed. The contractor said he can have it totally done in 21 days. He can't start until our closing and we can't close on that one until we close on ours on the 12th. We are shooting to close on the new house on the same day, but we'll see. We need to be out of here on the 30th of the month. That will only leave a few days of living around the contractor if we are able to close the 12th. I have my last surgery the 16th. So to say the least I will be worth zilch for the next 30 days after that. I am trying to pack absolutely everything I can before my surgery as well as tie up loose ends of appts, Moon Festival Celebrations and other stuff too. So my postings are a bit sporadic with everything else going on.