Monday, December 17, 2007

Very Very Very Bad Dream

Ok I think this is the worst dream I have ever had in my entire life, and I've had a few of them. Kinda makes me a little leery about sleep tonight. I guess that's why I am sitting here typing it out so i can really see how ridiculous it really was. It started out the girls and I were sitting on the davenport watching a Christmas movie after lunch. Some one knocks on the door. I tell Meeko to go lay down as I open up the door. There are 5 Chinese people standing there. 3 Females and 2 Males. 1 female is maybe 45 - 50 and the other 2 are in their 20's. 1 male is about 50 and the other about 20. One of the 20 year old females asks if I adopted any children from China. I tell her yes, 2 girls. She asks me where they are from and I tell her JiangXi and HuNan. The girls get nosey at this point and come to the Door. In my gut I know something bad is going to happen but for some reason I can't stop it. Genevieve gets there first and saks who they are. Then the older lady calls out Lan Lan. Abigail turns to look and screams Aiya Aiya then MaMa BaBa. My heart sinks to my gut. The first lady who was talking asks if they can come in. I tell them NO. Abigail is beating my legs trying to get out as I am trying to close the door. In the mean time Genevieve goes to the back door and walks around the front and shows them the way in through the back and through the kitchen. All this while I am trying to pry Abigail away from the front door. I look up and they are all standing there. Abigail runs to the younger lady who is not talking to me and she begins to talk to Abigail in mandarin and Abigail is responding. All the while she is calling her MaMa. The older lady is rubbing Abigail's face and crying. The younger man is as well. The lady who has been speaking the entire time to me tells me she is their interpreter. The young couple is Abigail's parents and the older couple is her foster family.Her parents had full contact with her the whole time she was in foster care. They only placed her in the basket on the street so she could be found and get the surgeries she needed to be a normal child. They wanted her back after that. I told them we have not had the surgeries yet because she needs to weigh 35 lbs. Now they don't care is she has it or not. The interpreter tells me they have hired and atty here in the states to get her back. The whole time this conversation is going on my dog, Meeko is barking. Well I wake up to find he is really barking because he needs to go out. I Don't like those kind of dreams. They really sucks.

Friday, December 14, 2007

a very busy month

It has been a busy month around here and there's no sign of it easing up any time soo. This is a few pics of 2 very special days in our families life. Dec is the month to celebrate Gotcha Days. Here are some pics from our Gotcha Days and how we celebrated. Enjoy Genevieve's Gotcha Day - Dec 14th, 2003 Abigail's Gotcha Day - Dec 6th, 2005

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Abigail

4 years ago today a mother landed in Beijing China with great anticipation in meeting her first daughter. With little thought that her second daughter was being born at that very moment. A little bit of a girl with brown eyes and fair skin and the sweetest disposition any child could have. A little girl who is compassionate, loving and nurturing. What a beautiful little girl with an old soul. 4 years ago today a mother made the most difficult, loving decision any parent could.. 4 years ago today this baby was left in a grey shirt and pants wtih a pink blanket to comfort her in a box. The box sat under the street sign MiangXi Rd near the hospital in Nanchang, JiangXi. After all what chance did this little baby girl have. Being born a girl was hard enough, but being born with a birth deformity really gave her no such chance at a life in China. What a blessed family we are. I never in my wildest dreams would have EVER thought I could have such wonderful children.; Especially my Lan Lan. Her sweet smile and feisty demeanor will take her places.