Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Darling "G"

"G" Lady turns 8 yrs old today. Wow where did the time go. Every day she gets more and more beautiful inside and out. When we adopted her at 9 months old it was so hard to picture her each year growing older and older.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

MiFan & LoMein

These are our 11 day old babies. They are doing amazing considering the rough start they had. LoMien's leg is healing well. We weren't sure if it would have to be amputated or not after the cord was removed. It took 7 days for the swelling to go down and he could get good use from it. Now we just have the wound and it looks wonderful.
Our "C" is quite the little mommy. She does so good with them. I guess it's easy when you can relate your life to theirs. BTW If I haven't said it lately, she is so amazing. The word survivor should be her name.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bamboo ance

Bamboo ance

popcorn song (abm Hi Qui)

our latest additions

As usual with our life never a dull moment. Sunday afternoon we had babies born. The mommy cat was rescued from a hoarder the day before so she was still unknown to us, as to her attitude demeeaner and behavior. Well, the babies were born with umbilicail cords wrapped around the neck of the grey one, and one of the white ones had it wrapped around his leg. The leg had swollen to be the size of his head. I never knew how strong mommy instincts are and in some cases aren't. I say that beacuse mine kicked in and I knew what to do to handle it and cut umbilical cords and get the kitties cleaned up. I say arent present because this all was suppose to be done by the mommy kitty. She really wanted nothing to do with them. when I tried loving on her and setting her up with the babies she layed her claws into my face. I am on Cipro and doing well.
We had to take her back to the shelter and the babies are bottle feeders. We have lost 2. :>( The runt and the grey one who had the cord around his neck. The other 2 are thriving and doing well. The have been named Mi Fan and Lo Mein. They were born in the Lunar New Year and are going to be Siamese in color, what other names would work but Chinese Food. Our "C" has been amazing with them. She helped me remove the cords, massage them to life and take care of their needs. She helps with the bottles and stimulation to assist them in going to the bathroom. Except the 2 am and 4 am, those are mine. ;.)

Friday, February 4, 2011

I have had several requests and questions about disrupted adoptions. Here is a link to a website I found to be very useful. There was info and groups on there from people who have disrupted to people who are looking to disrupt and people who want to place a child.

Lunar New Year ND 2011 039

Lunar New Year ND 2011 045

Lunar New Year ND 2011 044

granger dance company

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lunar New Year 2011

Genevieve says they look like jungle girls in these outfits. I just laugh, until I see the dance and then I kinda agreee.
The 3 girls posing for Mom.
What a real Beauty. This dance was one of my favorites.
Decorating for the Lunar New Year is one of our favorite things to do. What a blast. Each year we find things we forgot we had.
The entrance way promises good luck and fortune. Boy we could use some of that fortune :>)
This was one of the craft projects the girls did this year. Each year we do a new one.
The placemats were done a few years ago. I had no idea then why I made one, but I guess I know now. I had to have one for our 3rd daughter that would join us.
I will post some videos later from the performance. The crew has to approve which ones I post. :>)