Monday, August 31, 2009

What a bad blogger I am

Ok,I suddenly realized that I have not blogged in ages. I wasn't sure if that made me a bad person or just a bad blogger. But then it hit me, just a bad blogger. I am so busy being servant, mom, wife, grandma, friend, teacher, leader, volunteer, chauffer, seamstress, and a few other things that blogging is a at the bottom of the list. Here are a few daily my life is consumed with. 1) God's Servant - Serving the Lord when the opportunity arrises with our Community Care Center at Church as well as any other way the call comes in to serve. 2) Thrive Team Leader - This is the position at our church that heads up the education department of our members at our church and finding ways to educate the non members as well. 3) Sunday school teacher - Our group is called the Sunday Exlplorers and range in age 4 - 11 4) PTO Secretary at the girls school 5) Room Mom for Genevieve's class 6) Room Mom for the girls Traditional Chinese Dance Class 7) Costume Designer and sewer for their dance class 8) Mandarin Class on Saturday mornings with the girls 9) Pet Refuge Volunteer - I foster kittens for our local shelter as well as volunteer in the informary on Thursday nights, PETREFUGE.COM. We are a non profit no kill organization. We are also no govt money:>(. 10) Get the girls to all of their extra activities. This sometimes includes getting the grown boys around too. :)) 11) Going to all the Grandkids functions. Football, basketball, soccer and what ever else they have going on. 12) A date with my husband if we can squeeze it in. 13) Making the girls clothes and their American girl doll clothes as well. That also includes all the mending and altering that needs to be done in this house. 14) Taking care of the Inlaws as their health determines. I guess I am kinda of busy. I am going to try harder to keep up with blogging for our friends and family who are not nearby. But if I slack understand I am just doing my job I have been put on this earth to do. BTW say a prayer for me as well somedays I can really use all the prayers I can get when I finally settle in to bed around 11 pm. Thanks for understanding. Julia