Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Little Miss Abigail is an amizing website that walks a person through the whole process of all of her surgeries. It is Way Cool. We have taken the first steps to beginning Abigail's many surgeries. But before we can begin in April the plastic surgeon said we need to get her lungs as clear as possible for 8 weeks straight. Yea Right. This from a Reactive Airway Disease Patient. She has now come in with pneumonia. We have changed all of her medications around and are taking a VERY VERY VERY aggressive approach to keep her healthy. This includes no outside play under 50 degrees, a face mask when she goes from the house to the car or store or school, hooking to her breathing machine 2Xs a day instead of PRN, and active steroids to keep the lungs clear. Besides trying to do all this we need to prepare her for surgery the 23rd of this month. He wanted to do it earlier, but I begged him to let her perform, she has rehearsed so hard. Her last performance is the 21st. This surgery is for what we thought was the good ear. She is losing hearing in it now. They want to go in clean up what ever is wrong and repair what ever is necessary.


I was given the wrong information the baby weighs 4.2 lbs and is 17" long. She should be home in a few weeks. Kaila came home today.

Friday, February 5, 2010

introducing the newest member of the family

Owen and his wife had their baby yesterday. She weighs 2.4 lbs so she will be in the hospital for a couple months until she can learn to suckle. I have not gotten to see her yet. I do have a picture though via cell phone.
They named her Riley Elizabeth
www.GrangerDanceCompany.Blogspot.Com has the updated times and dates for all of their performances. We are very lucky Abigail will be performing this year. She has had hearing loss to the left ear and they need to operate. As most of you know she has right ear atresia/microtia so there is no hearing there. We found out about her left ear when we met with the surgeon to begin the process of correcting her right ear. That has all been put on hold for now until we get the left ear in shape and we get her reactive airway disease under control. Her lungs must remain clear for 8 weeks straight to able to handle the anesthetic for the first reconstructive surgery because she will be on the operating table for a great length of time. This is going to be a job considering she was at the hospital Sunday with pneumonia. If you can make the performances we'd love to have you.