Friday, October 30, 2009

Now things can calm down a bit. Our youngest son, Owen got married this past weekend. This is his bride, Kaila. It was pretty hard on me for several reasons but we'll leave that for another time.
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Daddy and his Girls
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Most of the family made it to the wedding. We are missing our oldest girl, and a son. She has swine flu and he couldn't make it in from Chicago.
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Of course the cat's meow - Aunt Barbie
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This is Owen's Aunt Ruth and his Grandma.
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I love Huggy pictures
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The girls were the ring bearer and the flower girls for the wedding. They both carried a ring and threw down the flowers.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh the conversations in our House somedays

The new American Girl magazine arrived recently. Genevieve and I were looking through it and the following conversation occurred:
M - Honey we need to order the CNY dress for you and your sister's AG doll.
G - Her doll can't have one
M - Why not?
G - Because she's not Chinese, she's American. (Abigail has Josephina)
M - That doesn't matter, she can still celebrate CNY.
G - No she can't, she's not Chinese, She's American
M - You don't have to be Chinese to celebrate CNY. Mommy is not Chinese and I celebrate CNY.
G - You're suppose to, you're my mom.
M - Honey you're not only Chinese, you're American too
G - No I'm not, I'm Chinese
M - You can be Chinese and American
G - I don't think I want to, I think I want to be Chinese only.
M - Oh, but you we live in America, go to American schools, and have American birth certificates. That makes us Americans, and you're so lucky because you get to be Chinese-American.
G - Well, I think we need to move to China because I just can't handle being both.
WOW, not sure if I'm ready for her to be a teenager.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

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Happy Birthday Baby

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Happy Birthday Keith

Wow My Baby is 28 today. It's funny how fast time flies. What a time I've had watching him grow up from my baby boy to a man. Some days were easier than others but I wouldn't have changed a thing. He owns his own business, has a family (BTW, I love his wife) and a new life, but he'll always be my baby. Happy Birthday Darling

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I got tagged with H1N1

OK that has to be the worst illness I have ever had. I posted Tuesday and by Wed noon I was flat down with swine flu. It hit so hard I was left crawling to the bathroom. This only until I dehydrated myself from sleeping for 12 - 14 hours straight then waking up long enough to take a sip and go back to sleep for another 12 - 14 hours. The only good thing that came about it for me was the 3 pounds I lost. Please keep praying for our family. Owen as now contracted it and Abigail is still fighting to breath most of the time with it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Swine Flu

Wow what a week so far and I'm seeing no end in sight anytime soon. Genevieve has pulled through pretty good so far. Abigail is on suppositories for the fever and nausea. I've heard so much about H1N1 but never thought it would hit our house. I honestly thought we would get the immunizations before it hit us. Now I just pray the girls get through it and Daddy and i do not get it. Please keep us in your prayers

Monday, October 5, 2009

Making Homemade Mooncakes. They really turned out not half bad
Making Lanterns and other Crafts
Making Homemade Moon cakes. Go Corrie and Genevieve
Owen and his Asian Choir as he told Kelly. They called North Carolina to sing Happy Birthday to our very special friend Kelly Look at that special little face. How sweet is that. Miss Aubrey, so Big Look at this awesome bunch of gals,. What a great group.
I love these girls so much
Look at those sweet faces. That's Aubrey with Genevieve. She is amazing. She has been home from China for just one year. She was 3 at the time of her adoption and wore a 12M clothes. Very tiny little bird. She also spoke only Mandarin and had minimal gross motor skills. Her Mom has done AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME with her. She is now put on weight and her speech is amazing. I mean amazing. She talks and you can clearly understand what she says. No baby talk. Mom also makes her walk everywhere, no carrying her. This has developed her gross motor by leaps and bounds. She has her enrolled in a 3 day a week preschool and her social skills are awesome. She sits in a restaurant with out needing to climb all over. Can you tell I'm impressed in her progress?
What a great dinner at Grand empire. We love that restaurant.
Lucky Buddha. Look at that Belly
Look at that beautiful crew ready to set the lanterns afloat
What a great Daddy helping us light our precious lanterns to send to China.
As we all let our lanterns go down the river, we say a prayer for their families still in China and all the babies waiting for their forever family
After all that excitement the night would night be right without the best ice cream in the whole world - Bonnie Doons
And this is how they looked on Monday. Both girls in bed sick as all get out. We went to Urgent Care with Abigail about 6 pm. Once she gets a little anything her RAD kicks in and she can't breath. This in turn makes her vomit and she dehydrates at the drop of a hat. Genevieve is on the down slope of being ill. The low grade fever started with her on Sat morning. Anyway back to urgent care.
The girls have both been diagnosed with H1N1. Wow Now we are under quarantine in that end of the house. it's kicking Abigail's butt right now so please say a prayer for us