Sunday, January 29, 2012

st mary performance lunar new year

abigail getting ready for the ribbon dance. she is so worried about the flowers
Genevieve and all her BIG smiles as usual
My girls
Mom and the girls. They sure are beautiful.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Their daughter is fromt he same SWi our C is from. Lets help them out * For years, my husband and I have wanted to take our kids on homeland journeysback to China and Vietnam. I won a contest that discount airfare to and fromHong Kong. However, we need to get from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City + localtransport and translator to Can Tho, from Can Tho to beijing + local transportto Great Wall, Beijing to Shanghai or Nanjing + local transport and translatorfor Maanshan, and back to Hong Kong. Time and money permitting, we would like tosqueeze in a side trip to Chengdu to see pandas!I have written and recorded a song about the proposed trip, and it is an entryin a contest that would fund the trip if I win. (It was sung by another adoptivemom (China and Korea) that I have known since college.) Part of the requirementfor winning is getting views, likes, and positive comments on YouTube.Please help me get there by liking/commenting on my video * . * Thank you!Jill, mom to Zia (Ma Zi Dan) and Quinn (Nguyen Khanh Nguyen)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Wanted to share a few pics before I share something I ran across. G is not to fond of the whole Santa thing
C on the other hand is loving life.
Yes its been a while, sorry. But I ran across this great article had to share it with everyone I knew. Will it cause controversy, yes. Do I agree with it, yes. Is everyone going to agree, No. Do I feel it may help change stereo types, yes. I have a wide range of adoptive families I have met over the years, many are now part of our "family". I couldn't be more blessed by them. Enjoy the great article.