Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Wondeful Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving tradition is to eat and serve at our church, Monson Community Methodist Church. We open the doors and serve whom ever comes in. We not only serve but sit down and eat with them. It's amazing. We have people from every walk of life come in. There is one lady, a regular each year who comes in gets 2 to go dishes and leave 20-30 dollars in the "Free will Donation" jar. She takes it home to her DH. We had a gentleman who's family is all on the east coast and he didn't want to eat alone. Their is also the truckdriver who saw our reader board on his way to his hotel while he was layed over in town. We have our truly needy folks as well, but mostly just people who don't want to be by themselves. What an amazing time we have every year we do this. The best part for me is getting a piece of pie, sitting down with someone and chit chatting about nothing or what ever they may need to talk about. God is so Good to allow me to be able to do this. The girls also have a great time as well. It's like having a BIG HUGE family over for the holidays. They jump right in and help cook and clean.
There is never a shortage of teenagers to hang out with and learn how to play games with.
After our day at church we go by our son, Anthony's, house and visit. Doing Thanksgiving like this is nice because it gives the boys all a chance to go to the inlaws house for a holiday and not feel torn about what to do.
Christmas is at home, no ifs ands or butts about it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Of course Da Ping goes everywhere, including China Town
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Happy Brithday Kiddo

My niece turned 15 a week ago. She wanted to go to Chicago to eat Lunch for her birthday. It was really really nice just having a day with the girls and my niece in China town. She was born in the year of the dog.
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This is the favorite thing to do with orange wedges for some reason
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Genevieve and her bestest cousin - Felicia. My girl turned 15 this month
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wow God is Good

OK, I went on one of the most Amazing experiences I have ever been on in all my life. It was the Walk to Emmaus. I found the deepest understanding of my faith I have ever know as well as the answer to so many questions that had been deep in my thoughts. I also met people whom God placed in my life at that exact moment they were suppose to be there. One of the people I met was a lady who was adopted from Korea 33 years ago. The ironics of that is her family has been discussing the walk with her for 4 years, it was only at this walk she chose to make the journey. We were suppose to meet. Any way we got a chance to talk. One of the questions I asked her during her life did she ever feel left out or different. Her response was, Wow. She told me NO very clearly NO, because her parents treated her no different than any of the other children. She got spankings with the rest of them. She was treated like "One of the Gang". That answer moved me so much. It made me feel better about how I am raising my girls. I post this for all the other adoptive parents who read my blog. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE anyone who is asked to say yes when the time is right if you get the chance to go on the walk.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mom's Leaving

Wooo Hooo tomorrow I leave for 4 nights and 3 days. I am going on our local Emmaus Walk. It is a Christian Retreat to reflect and build your faith even stronger. I am so excited to be able to mediate and vegitate with my Awesome God. It's not to often I get to do that at home. Kids Kids and more Kids kinda damper that some days. I used to believe the shower was the place, but now that no longer is sacred. The girls have no problem walking in to ask me how to spell a word, answer a question or to just chit chat. But this weekend I can talk to my Father as long as I want without being interrupted. Does it sound like I'm a bit excited. I'll tell you all about it Monday night.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Happy Halloween. Thanks Goodness for Friends. I've lost my camera again so Donna Thanks for the picture. We all went to a local farmers market that afternoon to trick or treat just in case the weather didn't hold out that night. I will say it did hold hold out and the girls went out through the neighborhood. We have enough candy to start a shop with. Wow how'd that happen