Friday, September 23, 2011

What an amazing summer we had. It has taken a better part of the year for all of us to get settled in and find our places in the family unit. The addition of our beautiful teenager shifted our entire life a full 360.
Has it been easy? No. Have we struggled? Yes. Have we questioned our selves and whether we did the right thing or not? Many times. Have there been battles between sisters? Yes. Have there been battles between adults and kids? Yes.
Its been almost a year now and the battles have lessened by 99%. The struggles are null and void. We no longer question our decision. We know it was one of eight of the best things we have ever done. The sisters still battle, but NO wear near the amount as before.
The girls sit together and read stories. The girls practice their dance routines together. The girls cook together. The girls make crafty items together. The girls look out for each other like best friends would. C looks out for them and when they get in trouble she comes to their defense and tries to rationalize what they did and tell me how harsh I am on them. She is the big sister I think they always thought she would be.
C has made so many personal strides it would take forever to list them. She has turned into a typical teenager. She still has baggage we deal with but all in all a typical teenager. She is trying out for cheer leading next week. She has joined into many clubs at school as I said earlier. Along with all of that she is a caring responsible young lady. She has already started Christmas shopping for her sisters. She loves to do things for others.
G is settling into school and growing up so fast. She joined choir at school this year. She still struggles with social settings and controlling her emotions, but we are working on it every day. She is such an amazing little girl. She has the faith of a mustard seed and tells me often "it's OK God will take care of it".
A, what can you say about her. I still believe she is a teenager caught in a child's body. Her soul is so old. Her reading skills are 3 years ahead of her grade level. Her math skills are 2 years ahead. Although she is a brilliant child she has no sense of child play. Everything is so serious with her. I do hope she finds a balance one day.