Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wooo hooo I'm up again

Our hard drive cashed and security went crazy - But I can now post. I need to check all the 750 e-mails. I'll post more in a couple days

Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Girls

Our big todo for Spring Break was to go to the American Girl Store in Chicago so they could buy their first American Girl Doll. They have been saving their allowance since their vacation to Disney to buy them. They saved and saved and saved. They just knew they were big stuff handing over that $100.00 bill to the cashier. Me personally, I would be crying. :>) We caught the train in after friends arrived from Ohio to go with us. What a great time we had. My Granddaughter joined in as well. The Goddess, Aunt Barbie, Genevieve and LeAnna, our Granddaughter.
Nikki and Aubrey - Our friends from Ohio. They adopted Aubrey form Guangzhou in Sept of last year. She is 3 yrs old and just a gem. Her personality is allot like Genevieve's. Look out Nikki. She's at Our China Doll.
Abigail and Aubrey
The Haghiri Family - The boys are the greatest GeGe's to Miss Aubrey
Look at that beautiful girl. She is so sweet
This is their next doll - A just like me Doll
Ivy and Josefina were our chosen this time. The girls are so proud of who they are and how thy look that they wanted dolls to look like them. I'm so happy they are proud of who they are and how they look.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Camera

Although both girls got a camera last year for Easter, their favorite one to use is still mine. I never know what I will find upon uploading to the computer. Pics of themselves, each other, their friends, the dog, the cats, the TV. You name it they photograph it. Genevieve is the most notorious of the two. I do believe hers and her sisters favorite to photograph is my Butt. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's the way it fits the screen so nicely. Or maybe the way it shows the glare when I shower. Or may to them it's just plain funny. Regardless I have spared you all of those. So you can enjoy the rest of the comedy team.
This is a month old or so. We no longer have a faccy. The faccy fairy came and took all the faccys to China to little babies who really needed them. The pacifier has been an ongoing debate for our family. Her ENT said let her have it. The sucking drains the fluid from the ear canal that is not opened up to the outside. I can't stand seeing her with it, she's too old. Daddy of course sides with her. I was watching Nanny 911 (I've only seen the show twice and both times learned something) and saw where the binky fairy came. I thought I would give it a try. The faccy fairy left a new Aurora light up Barbie in place of the faccys. Woooooo Hoooo it worked.
I love those beautiful teeth. I'm so glad she takes good care of them.