Monday, December 27, 2010

Chicago for the Autumn Moon Festival
Halloween 2010
Abigail's ear after surgery # 2. It's amazing how once there was nothing there and now an ear.
I love this picture of the girls
My girl Riley. She hears Nana's voice and her head goes on a swivel trying to find me. She is so cool.
Dumpling Making. This is always so much fun in our house.
OK I guess it's time to blog again, considering the many mnay changes in our lives over the past 12 months.
1) Our grandchild count is now up to 12 kiddos.
2) We have 3 more coming in may and June. Owen, Keith and Timika are all due around the same time.
3) Abigail has had surgery #2 and doing amazing. #3 is scheduled for March 11th, 2011.
4) We have adopted again. This brings our total children to 8. In China 8 is the luckiest of all numbers. Who would have thought.
Our newest member of the Trawick fmaily came to us via disruption. Her name is Aurora and just turned 15 in November. She is bright, beautiful, a jokester, wonderful dancer, has amazing memory, great sister, snuggly, and just a great person.
She is desiring alot of hugs and snuggles right now so at times we are adjoined at the hip. :>) But I wouldn't have it any other way. I am going to be better at blogging so please follow along as the family grows some more. so for now enjoy the pictures.