Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Mothers Day was amazing. The girls made me breakfast and agreed to not fuss and carry on at all that day. What a sweet gesture for 3 girls who love each other more than anything but also feel the need to be in charge. They did well at keeping their promise. It gave me the chance to reflect on the past 6 1/2 months since "C" joined our family. We are all settling and finding our place in the family unit. It was important to figure out where each person fits in. After all we went form a family of 9 to a family of 10. Not only did the size change but the birth order as well. "G" was the oldest girl at home for the past 5 yrs, she now had to turn that title over. We also have a hormonal teenager in the home. Although chronologically "C" is a teenager there was so much she missed out on being in an orphanage and then where she did not feel the love, that she can behave like an 8 yr old sometimes. She needs to sit on my lap. She wants me to brush her hair. She feels the need to hold my hand in public, as if needing the security. It's also easy to see the little green monster in her when the girls are loving on me. This is so minor considering where we started. I know in my heart I loved her when she came to us, but now I LOVE HER. I look at her and think how did we lead our lives without her, she is such a part of our everyday. On to the rest of the Clan........ My boys and DH all bowl on Sunday nights and this Sunday was their bowling banquet. So I went along and had dinner with all the kids. The girls enjoy going because they can play the video games at the bowling alley. I got a few gifts as well. The girls all made me beautiful cards. Very touching was "C"'s card thanking me for being her forever family and how she knows God had a plan all along for her to be here. Ahhhhh. When I was sitting in my sewing room the girls brought in a gift from them and Daddy. A new camera. Wooooo Hoooo I have been using my Kodak I bought to take to China in 2005, and it's seen better days. I did break down a few years ago and bought a nice Cyberhsot but within 4 months at a friends house bubbles were spilled all over it. Oh Well back to the old faithful Kodak. But now I have a Canon SX130 IS. Yeah Loving this new camera. I'm still playing with it trying to see everything it can do. I'm VERY impressed with how clear the zoom is. This is going to be fun this summer
This is our baby Queenie, She is our Gassy Girl as we call her. She settles in on your lap and passes gas. It's so bad she will leave until the smell is gone. But we love her anyway
2 of my beauties after handing me the camera. Gosh I love them so much.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Darling A hunting eggs. G runs so fast I need to get a new camera with high speed to keep up with her.
Easter was great. we had most of the kids over and the grandkids as well. Our oldest girl was not here because Grandchild #10 was born a few days before. We also were missing a son, he was in Chicago. As you can tell in the picture 2 more grandchildren are due any moment. We also were missing a few grandkids. They had so much fun hunting eggs and eating stuffed cabbage. I can't say enough how blessed our lives are. C was definatley a missing link that we didn't know was missing. She is absolutely in love with "FatFat" as she calls her niece Riley, and Riley loves her. The boys loved playing basketball like they did when they were young'uns again. They didn't feel like young'uns the next day though. :>)
Teaching her Fat Fat to walk. They went up and down the drive way. Look at those smiles
Isn't that smile the prettiest thing ever. Its hard to believe she was a preemie weighing in it just 4 lbs.
So excited about finding eggs. She looks just like her daddy did at that age. Sometimes I have to wonder what part her mommy played in her besides just carrying her in her belly :>)
What Nana I'm not going down the steps to look for eggs.
Life can be so serious sometimes. I'm OK right here in Nana's arms.