Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friend on a Mission Trip

I have a dear friend leaving for Kenya on a mission trip. Please say a prayer for a safe journey and a blessed outcome. You can follow her along at Bishop Lawrence, from Kenya, spent time at our church, , and touched many lives. He really showed us and unconditional love for God and his work. The faith he has is that of a mustard seed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gods Grace and Glory

Monday "C" had a report due in her class. She has never done an oral report with the props and all. She did it on China. :>) Her teacher told her if she felt more comfortable I could come in and help her out, because during the report the children are allowed to ask questions and she may not understand what they are asking. It also was a chance for the class to talk about adoption. This has been a great deal of talking in her grade since her dad and I have been seen with her. As a proud momma I will say she did wonderful. She came out of her shell and the class was so patient with her talking they really listened to what she had to say. Two questions that came up hit hard. 1) Is it safer in China than here? She answered "YES" and then began to explain that the children did not disrespect the teachers for they would be severely punished. There was not allot of killings and robbings because the court system was swift and punished harshly. 2) Are we rich? (because we have 8 kids) She said "YES" and then told them that we have love and the food is always there and the lights are on and we are warm. She also told them God helps us when we need at and ask him too. Gosh I love that girl. Way smarted than a 15 yr old needs to be in the ways of life.. Someone sent this to me and I can't help but pass it on. AMAZINGLY ACCURATE Have a Blessed Day

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great Day

Wow, I think I may have caught up on my sleep by now. After a rough ride to Albion, MI, 4 hrs from us, we made it to the hospital for Abigail's surgery. She did well and looks like Princess Leigha from Star Wars. Dr. Kim had to cut on both ears. She had to harvest cartilage and skin form the left ear for the right ear. Of course "A" woke up nastier and meaner than ever. pretty typical with the steroids for her breathing and the pain medicine. We were finally able to leave and realized we were missing 2 hubcaps and had a HUGE flat tire. The rim was destroyed. GRRRRRRRR. But as with all things God steps in. There was a Firestone shop across the street and one block down. The man tells us they do not carry my rim and it will take 6 hours to get one in. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Again God stepped in. It turns out I do not have a donut for a spare but a full size beautiful tire. It cost 15 dollars to switch it over. The best 15 dollars I have spent in a long time. We get five minutes from home and "A" projectile vomits all over the car. Oh Well we're home. We had to get another Rx for the tummy. The pain meds make her sick. But all in all she is fine.

The reason we had to be home that night was just as critical as the surgery itself. We had court the next day to finalize our "C"'s adoption. What a great day. It was such a blessing to see all the support at the court house. She is an amazing young lady.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Please Pray for Our Family

Please Pray for our Family over the next few days. We have a very busy schedule with many life changing events. 1) "A" will be having her final surgery, hopefully, on the microtia portion of her ear on Thursday morning. We have decided that the atrasia portion will not begin until the fall. We want her to have a carefree summer this year and just be a kid. She has only had one of those since being adopted because of surgeries and illness'. 2) We go to court Friday afternoon to finalize "C"'s adoption. We are hoping this will give her some closure in what she has been through. She can move in. We have been working very hard at teaching her that the past is the past and it can not be changed, we can only move on. God is so good, and I know things are at his will and he has total control over all that happens, but I will admit somedays are easier than others to remember this, especially when it comes to our children.