Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to do on a snowy cold Day

What to do, What to do. Living in the Midwest there is never a lack of snow or cold days. Then the dilemma begins on what to do. When we had a house full of boys it was very different. the boys would bust out the legos or cars and you wouldn't hear from them for hours. Girls on the other hand need to be entertained. That can prove to be a bit difficult. I'm glad they found the DS to be so entertaining. I think our oldest is turning out to be quite the photographer. Very Unique eye
These 2 photos made me smile. What great girls
She is learning to sew. Her first project of course a pillow is first. She did wonderful.
Then of course there is the picture mom needs of kids in snow. They really did not want to go out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sarah Update

Wow God is so amazing it blows my mind. Sarah is asking to eat right now and wanting to go pee.. She was taken into surgery on the 12th for clots. They took care of that. Now we have been praying for no excess swelling and infection. So Far , So Good. It looks as if it will be a full recovery. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell your kids, grand kids, neighbors and anyone else you know to wear helmets when they sled and stay away from the street. This is the 2nd person this year I know who has had an accident while sledding. Both have been very serious. Thank You to all how prayed and sent well wishes for our darling Sarah.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Our dear dear friends in North Carolina have had a major accident. Sarah, Genevieve's orphanage sister, was hit by a car yesterday as they were enjoying a snow day. She is in ICU with bleeding in the brain right now. We are waiting to hear more today. Please take just a few moments and ask God to reach down and touch little Sarah's body and heal her fractures and the stop the bleeding in her brain. She is an am zing Little girl with the biggest zeal for life you've ever seen. I will post more as I hear it and also what we did on our snow days.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The holidays are over

Here is the ear after surgery # 2 God has gifted our surgeons hands. She is an amazing person. Next surgery is scheduled for March.
The girls made dog biscuits for for Christmas presents this year. They had friends over to help out.
What a real beauty
Each of the girls have their own tree in there room. G's is purple A's is Pink and now Aurora's is blue. They each have their favorite color.
Aurora decided to wrap daddy's wallet in "multiple" boxes. She saw it on TV and thought it was hysterical. She used up 9 boxes each one individually wrapped. This is box #2 being opened.
For Christmas she got a gift card for make up. She also was enrolled in Teen Glam Camp. It taught her how to properly put on makeup and take it off. She had such a great time. She is so beautiful without it, but WOW, look at the beauty come through
That's it for now. Onward and upward to life and all it has to offer. God Bless and have a great day.