Monday, February 6, 2012

G and her science fair

G took 2nd place at the science fair this year. Boy was that a life lesson for all of us. For her it was she needs to listen to mama and realize just because she knows the answer not everyone else does. She was given 2nd place because her project lacked a hypothesis. Her hypothesis was if you turn the speed up on the fan would the anemometer move faster or slower. When we discussed this she told me as a matter of factly everyone knows the answer, faster of course. I told her she needed to list this. she told me that was common sense and it would be like calling people dummys. I told her it still needed to go on there. She told me no. I thought, and thought, and thought, about it and decided this would be a good lesson for her to listen sometimes. Well she got 2nd place. The director told her why and it was all good. Wow. I was amazed at hard some of the parents worked on these projects. Maybe next year I need to work harder for the girls.

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